Working Man

by analog

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released November 5, 2014


all rights reserved



analog Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Working Man
It won't matter baby
If I'm the 7th or 1st born
You can ask all of your girlfriends
They will tell you "Let it go"

But you want a working man.
That will hold you more than the other men.
You want a working man.
That can contain you like a concrete dam

It won't matter pumpkin
If he is out there all day long
and it won't matter darling
Cause at the end he won't provide enough

But you want a working man
That will hold you more than the other men
You want a working man
that will contain you like a concrete dam

(hit it)

It don't matter baby
"i tried to please you but you only play one night stands".
I said:
"squeeze me baby! Im gonna fall right outta bed"
"you know its so hard to love someone that doesn't love you"
Track Name: You ( Acoustic Home Demo)
Take your time young lad
Seconds still pass by
And you wanna go out in a "Bang"
Let the bottom of your glass
jump and kiss the sky
It won't kill the butterflies
But it'll certainly help you...

Forget there are feelings there
Jumping ship will never fill this vase
Go out there and just state your case
Its cool.

Roll down the skirt some more
Don't wanna be that slut
But i know my rear is da bomb
Three guys just bought me shots
a fourth a bag of "rolls"
I'll take this one home for sure
But when the morning comes...

I'll wonder why they never call me back
Take me out on a Romantic night
Give me flowers, do nice things for me
Im alone.

Breathing and watching
A flame flickering against the candlestick
While you take a swig at a beer
Against the table our feet rest
in six more weeks you'll head out west
Because nobody will ever know
what I'm talking about
how much i want this to work
But instead it opens up the floor
for another dance with your rug
I'll hold you tight and start this mess
From your neck a trail awaits
Down to your thighs
Up to your lips.

There's one thing you'll need to understand
Ask for the moon, Ill bring the whole sky down
But there's no game when the only player is
Oh you.

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